Belfast-based Rigging Ireland comprises a core team of professional riggers with decades of cross-sector experience. For larger projects and Ireland-wide locations we draw on a pool of trusted personnel from around the country. We have the resources to put together an expert team that has worked together for many years. As a result we have earned an enviable reputation not just in Ireland but throughout the industry in the UK.

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive, safe and efficient service. We regularly supply riggers or teams for a wide range of projects. Our personnel are vastly experienced in suspension, installation and technical support all over Ireland, the UK and Europe. 


The RI reputation has always been for premium service, solution-finding and a ‘can-do’ attitude. Because of this reputation, our clients are always confident that any job will be carried out by seasoned professionals working to the highest possible standards.

Best Practice

Adherence to Health & Safety legislation and industry best practice is integral to our company culture. We consistently achieve an environment where safety and professionalism is paramount. 

All staff receive regular training, from manual handling to the latest safety techniques, rope access courses and NRC accreditation.  Our rigging chiefs are trained First Aiders and skilled in rope rescue techniques.  All our riggers are fully equipped with tested and maintained PPE and are fully versed in the latest rigging technology, techniques and legal requirements.

Vision & Growth

At RI we are constantly looking to explore new sectors and expand our portfolio of services. Our skills are not exclusive to the entertainment industry and in recent years Rigging Ireland has embraced interesting and bespoke projects within schools, museums and galleries. Working collaboratively with such a diverse range of clients with very unique needs has allowed us to push the boundaries of what we can offer.