Temporary Fly System
Really pleased with the job and the thoroughness of your documentation.
— Eibhlin de Barra Programme & Ops, Young at Art
It has been a pleasure to work with Rigging Ireland from consultation to the fitting of APPA’s Aerial Arts training area. An excellent and specialist company which we would most definitely endorse.
— Sarah Durrant - Director APPA
I love going to Ireland...It’s always a good day! The Rigging Ireland riggers work hard and do a quality job. Their attitude towards me (and the tour I’m with) is always very professional and good-spirited. They all take good care of me and it is always a pleasure to work with them.
— Art McConnell - Tour Rigger
You guys win the prize for being the best team of riggers I have ever worked with and I hope to get to work with you again soon.
— Kille Knoble - Pearl Jam Lighting Designer
This is just to thank you for your wonderful, acrobatic installation of Tremor at UCD......Your solution to the problem added an extra dimension to the work!
— Carolyn Mulholland - Artist - Installation at University College Dublin
I always look forward to working with the Rigging Ireland riggers. They get the job done and have a great attitude.
— Jon Curcio - Tour Rigger for Neil Young
Stagecrew Rigging have the best rigging crew in Ireland. I always go to them for the support I need to hang the biggest/heaviest shows both safely and efficiently. From the initial autocad drawings to the final load in and load outs of every show I’ve done with them, there’s been an outstanding level of professionalism that can’t be surpassed. Some of the shows they have worked on with me include Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Foo Fighters, Madonna, AC/DC, Queen and Paul Rodgers, Gloria Estefan, Beyonce, Rihanna and many others.
— Bill Rengstl - Tour Rigger
Having worked with Stagecrew Rigging over the past 10 years I am always happy to see them. Their presence reassures me that our production will enjoy a stress-free and well humoured day. Both personable and professional, their work is always speedy and safe. I can’t want more than that from my rigging team.
— Dave "Dash" Rowe - Head Rigger, Roger Waters "The Wall" Tour U.S.A.
I have worked with Stagecrew Rigging for the past 10 years in a rigging capacity. As a tour/production rigger myself, I have always found them a pleasure to work with as local riggers. Their attitude and quality of work is 100 percent professional and, more importantly, they can be trusted to rig shows in advance. When you arrive on show day you know it will be right. Nothing is ever a problem with these guys - I recommend this company very highly.
— Pete Rayel - Director PR Rigging Ltd