God of Carnage at the Mac

gorgeously skilfully built.
— Prime Cut (on Twitter)

One of our rigging teams was recently at the MAC Theatre in Belfast for Prime Cut Productions' "God of Carnage". 

Working to a very tight time frame and strict design remit, their challenge was to build this minimalist wooden structure without the use of any additional visible bracing. They started by installing a lattice of steel piping attached to the roof structure in order to allow each component to be supported from directly above. Then using tensioned steel wire ropes, each arch could be secured independently of the whole structure. The end result was that the set appeared to almost float over the stage, maintaining the desired ultra modern, clean feel.

We were commissioned for this project by the award winning designer Ciaran Bagnall, winner of the Irish Times Irish Theatre Award 2014. Afterwards Ciaran commented: "I couldn't have been happier with the build and your work to make it happen ithe first place".